If you look at my progress pictures, especially the ones in the locker room, you can see not only the physical features that have positively affected my body but MY SMILE!! Look at how enthusiastic I am! This program has taught me self-discipline, positivity, self-appreciation, confidence, and most of all how to be a genuinely supportive woman. Ajahzi has been so great with communication when needed, and her program was so straight forward. I was a bit discouraged because after a month I didn't put in as much effort in the nutritional part of the program but I never gave up when doing the workouts. I made working out a priority and made sure to keep in mind that my last 2-3 reps should be a challenge. 3 months is not even enough time to justify all the hard work and struggles that I and all these hard working women have gone through. This program has taught me before I workout, even when I feel tired and discouraged, I am UNSTOPPABLE after I leave the gym knowing I did it and can feel proud of myself for being THAT bish! Staying committed and putting in effort to a program that has a trainer who practices what she preaches gives you motivation to be just as stunning - physically and mentally - as she is especially when she cares about her clients. 

- Caitlin Rosal

It’s hard to find the right words to say without seeming overly dramatic but all I can say is the last 12 weeks have been absolutely LIFE CHANGING! Naturally, one is most excited about the physical results but the mental, emotional and lifestyle shift that occurred for me have seriously blown me away. I never knew that I could have a happy relationship with food, my body and the gym. I am the most happiest and most confident I have ever been in a long while. The constant support, reassurance and communication with my coach, Ajahzi was definitely a bonus, but the supportive group of women within the program / challenge is just unmatched. I have followed Ajahzi for quite a few years now, even purchased one of her previous programs, but this was the first program that I was actually able to stick to, enjoy and fully complete; which truly could not have been possible without her being there to answer questions, give you a little ego boost and make sure you know that YOU CAN.  I cannot say enough amazing words about how encouraging and motivating this entire challenge has been for me. I feel strong, I feel beautiful and I feel sexy in my own skin- thank you Ajahzi x1million!!

- Kayla Irons


This has by far been the most challenging and proud three months of my life. The workouts worked very well for my body and I loved the support of the ladies. Whenever I had a question, there were always someone responding to help right away. Ajahzi has been the greatest coach, and this program truly speaks for itself. This challenge has changed my eating habits and has made going to the gym an outlet for me, whether it be stress or just because I feel like going. There is a lot to be taken away from this challenge and I am just so happy that I made the decision to join. I am forever grateful for how Ajahzi has changed my life. 

 - Tienne Roose